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We are passionate about creating a welcoming and caring environment for employees, patients, and families. To keep us true to our mission and core values of reverence, integrity, compassion, and excellence as we work and serve others, we use reflections at the start of every meeting. Reflections can create a dialogue and a new reality by inviting us to notice what we may not have noticed before, which in turn can positively transform how we think and feel about ourselves, others, and the world.

Feel free to browse our Reflection Pool for inspiration for your next reflection – whether to be shared with a group or for you personally. We hope this is a resource you find useful and come back to frequently.

In addition, we invite you to inspire others with a submission of a short story, poem, sacred story, scripture, or famous quote that encourages others to reflect on their personal or collective experience—in our being and in our doing.

Featured Reflections

Based on Our Choices

Everything you do is based on the choices you make. You can't blame it on your parents, past relationships, your job, the economy, the weather, an argument, or your age. You are responsible for every decision and choice you make. 


  • Reverence

Submitted by Mission Team

The Journey

The journey before me appears daunting.
It stretches out beyond my ability to see.
The first step is slow to come…I pray it will come.
I adjust my gaze from the endless beyond to the ground before me.
The insight dawns, “This is the only step I can take. I can’t walk ‘out there’ today.”
My sense of despair lightens ever so slightly and I find I am one step further along.

  • Reverence

Submitted by Mission Team

Crossing the Threshold

Many times today I will cross over a threshold.

I hope I’ll catch a few of those times.
I need to remember that my life is, in fact,

a continuous series of thresholds:

from one moment to the next,

from one thought to the next,

from one action to the next.

Help me appreciate how awesome this is.

How many are the chances to be really alive

to be aware of the enormous dimension

we live within. 

On the threshold, the entire past

and the endless future rush 

to meet one another. 

They take hold of each other and laugh.

They are so happy to discover themselves

in the awareness of a human creature.

On the threshold, the present breaks all boundaries.

It is a convergence, a fellowship with all time and space.

We find You there.

And we are found by You there.

Help me cross into the present moment—

into wonder, into Your grace:

that "now-place," where we all are,

unfolding as Your life moment by moment.

Let me live on the threshold as threshold.

  • Integrity

Submitted by Mission Team

Blinded By Fear

So often I find myself fretting, worrying, anxious, afraid, asking God: “Am I where I’m supposed to be?” “Am I on the right track?” “Are you there?” Looking, searching out there, outside myself, for an answer for affirmation.  

But, then there’s a flicker of a thought, an unsettling, but wonderful thought: Maybe these very fears, anxieties and panicked questions are themselves the very scales over my eyes that blind me to the possibilities that I’m where I’m supposed to be; that the answers I seek are not ‘out there,’ but within me, and that there’s no right path but only my path.  


So I begin to consider that maybe the better prayer would not be the one filled with anxious questions, but rather one of request: God help me not be so anxious; help me to always see the potential you see in me.

  • Reverence

Submitted by Mission Team

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